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Moment : [2023-10-02:04:38:48]

SELECT sh.*, sh.id as id_data_sheet FROM data_sheets sh WHERE sh.visible = 'y' AND sh.id_data_family='1' AND sh.id NOT IN (select id_record from migcms_valides where nom_table='data_sheets') AND sh.c8 != 671 ORDER BY ordby, new ASC, ordby ASC, id DESC LIMIT -40,40
tools, ../lib/tools.pm, 675, , , , , , ,
Stack backtrace : at ../lib/tools.pm line 675.
tools::sql_lines(HASH(0x555c266ce5d0)) called at ../lib/data.pm line 236
data::compute_sheets(HASH(0x555c266cddf0)) called at data.pl line 293
main::list() called at data.pl line 61